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If there was water on Mars, would we be able to live on it?
Question Date: 2000-10-17
Answer 1:

There is plenty of water on Mars!! It is all locked up as ice in the polar caps and also in the soil. but in order to live there we humans would have to make the planet habitable: this means making it warmer and screening out the UV radiation that strikes the Martian surface.

It is possible that hundreds of years from now we could TERRAFORM
Mars...that is ENGINEER the entire planet to create a thicker oxygen rich atmosphere and make the place habitable for humans.
but that is probably not going to occur in your lifetime but maybe in YOUR children's lifetime or in your grand children's lifetime!

Answer 2:

The molecular structure of water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.Water on the earth is the same as water anywhere else in the universe. Therefore, if we could find water on a different planet, it should be fine (once impurities, etc. have been removed). Obviously, just finding water on another planet would not necessarily make it a hospitable planet to live on since there are many other factors required to support life (particularly human life!).

Answer 3:

I think that if there is water on Mars it would make it much easier for us to live there some day. Water could be used not only to drink but to create (probably using solar power) oxygen to breathe and fuel to travel around and off of Mars. Obviously, we need more than just water to live on Mars and we'd have to take everything else we need with us, but not having to carry a lot of raw materials like water would really help.

What other materials on Mars could be really helpful? What kinds of devices and technologies would be necessary to survive on Mars?

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