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What animal eats sea anemones ?
Question Date: 2001-06-06
Answer 1:

A variety of marine invertebrates feed on sea anemones. These include a variety of sea slugs that not only devour the tissue but also retain the consumed nematocysts (the stinging cells) from the anemone for their own defense. One local slug species, known as the Shag Rug Nudibranch takes this one step further by also retaining the symbiotic algae form the anemone to be used in generating food for the slug while it is on the move. Other species that feed on anemones include a variety of carnivorous snails, the leather star, and many species of sea spiders, which are distant relatives of terrestrial spiders, scorpions, ticks, and mites, to which are probably more familiar.

Answer 2:

Sea anemones are eaten by a variety of things.Sea slugs (nudibranches) feed on them. Some sea slugs, like the Spanish shawl, can take the venom from the anemones and incorporate it into their own bodies to make themselves distasteful to predators. The cowry eats anemones, and fish have also been documented to feed on anemones, although it isn't their preferred food. It ranks about as low as beets do for most humans.

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