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How many chromosomes does an elephant have?
Question Date: 2012-04-24
Answer 1:

This is such a great question! There are many different living organisms on earth (animals, plants, fungi, protists, bacteria) and there are so many different ways that each one organizes its genetic information. DNA is the blueprint that contains all the instructions for development and function of an entire living organism! A chromosome is just an organized structure that helps protect DNA from damage. As humans, we have 46 chromosomes (23 from our mom and 23 from our dad). Elephants actually have 56 chromosomes! Just for fun here is a list of some other organisms and the numbers of chromosomes in each:

Organism # of chromosomes
Human 46
Elephant 56
Woolly Mammoth 58
Kangaroo 16
Turkey 80
Mosquito 6
Rice that you eat 24
Yeast 32
Slime Mold 12

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