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Is it possible to have a real life Furry. You know, the animals that can walk on two legs, and have human characteristics. Is this possible?
Question Date: 2012-05-05
Answer 1:

I didn't know what a Furry was, but I found it in Wikipedia on the internet. Because Furries are imaginary, I don't think there will ever be real life ones. The best idea I can think of is that there might be Furry robots some day. I heard once that kids in Japan had imaginary pets that were just little pictures on a smart phone or something, but you were supposed to feed them imaginary food and take them on imaginary walks every day. It might be fun to have a furry robot that could talk to you and do things. The robot Furries could get better and better as people figure out better and better ways to make them realistic. And you could have them even if you weren't allowed to have pets in your apartment.

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Answer 2:

I'm not quite sure what you mean. It might be possible as some sort of talking stuffed animal. It's definitely not considerable as some feat of genetic engineering, either ethically or scientifically.

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