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Is it possible that an ostrich egg shell has Barium in it? I understand from the article I read that ostriches eat everything and some come from Northern Africa including Morocco, which is rich in minerals. I also understand that the water the ostriches drink there can contain barium.

So, is it possible that the egg shell contains that barium? Many thanks.

Question Date: 2012-08-01
Answer 1:

Yes, I could certainly believe that some ostrich eggs contain barium. Barium is a little like calcium, so it makes sense that some barium would get into such a calcium-rich structure as an egg shell.

Answer 2:

So far as I know ostriches are native to sub- Saharan Africa, and not Morocco, but I can't be sure of that.

Barium is a rare, heavy element that is usually toxic. Like all elements found in nature, barium is present in trace amounts in almost everything, including, yes, ostriches, as well as you and me. I don't know if ostrich eggs contain concentrated amounts of barium; if they do, then I doubt this is good for them.

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