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I am trying to find out what I have found. Can you help me? I recently found another object even bigger than the picture attached. Thank you.
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what I found 1 what I found 2
Question Date: 2012-07-23
Answer 1:

It looks to me like a tooth of a mammal, probably an ungulate (hoofed mammal), although what kind I can't say, although it looks large. Can you send more pictures, taken from different angles? Where did you find it?

Answer 2:

I think it probably is biological - the pattern of erosion on the left suggests calcium carbonate dissolution while the pattern on the right suggests laminae. If it is small, it could be a pelecypod shell; if large, a tooth.

Answer 3:

The area this person cites is generally noted for producing marine fossils, so it indeed might be an eroded oyster shell. I sent the earlier picture to a different scientist, who suggested it might be a highly erode mastodon tooth, but if so it is rather small, but it 'could be". It would be useful to know precisely where these came from near Pine Mountain - and also to see the actual specimen.


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