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Does stem cells treatment can cure frontal temporal disorder?
Question Date: 2012-08-18
Answer 1:

Stem cells are a newer treatment, and because of this, are not yet approved for treatments. Some stem cell treatments are in clinical trials, and will be available for use as a treatment in the future (between 10 - 20 years). Currently the closest treatment is for macular degeneration - a visual disease. When we look at the brain, each small section plays a huge part in human life. A frontal temporal disorder deals with a very important area of the brain (that deals with emotions, and how we make decisions), then it may be hard to treat this area. This is because each individual is different. Is it possible in the future? I'd say it's possible; however, I would also say that it will take 20+ years for this to become a treatment due to the political controversy around stem cells, and money for this type of research.

Answer 2:

I am fairly certain that repairing brain dysfunction has no easy known method, but I also know that stem cell research is still in its infancy, so who knows what the future may hold?

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