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Hi,I have query related to UV index. If there is an UV index of 15 affecting a room made of clear glass, no special coating, no lamination, just simple breakable glass of thickness 3mm, how much UV will pass through and how much will be blocked by this 3mm thick plain, clear, no laminated/coated glass?
Question Date: 2012-09-18
Answer 1:

Well, it does depend exactly on the composition of the glass. But you should be able to purchase commercial window glass that blocks 75% of UV radiation. Here is a site you can go to read more. It is an interesting article from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Answer 2:

Well, I don't know how different amounts of UV light affect people, but I can tell you that the UV index is not an exact scale measured in watts per square meter or any other physically measurable unit. I'm pretty sure that 3mm of glass will provide pretty good protection against sunlight under almost any conditions, but I don't know what kinds of coatings are used on typical glass for this purpose.

Answer 3:

UV penetration depends on the thickness of a glass. To know the amount of UV ray penetration for a 3mm glass, we had to measure it with a spectrometer. Glass can not completely prevent ultraviolet ray penetration, but at least 70% of the visible light should be filtered.

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