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How many chromosomes does a ladybug have?
Question Date: 2012-10-14
Answer 1:

Two things make your question tough to answer. One is that there are many species of beetle called ladybugs. How many? Maybe 6,000! That’s why scientists give each species a scientific name. That name only applies to one species

If you want to find a particular species, check out this site:

ladybug species

Another problem is that even within one species, some ladybugs have different numbers of chromosomes. This is a pretty odd thing. Usually, chromosome number is the same for all individuals in a species. The genus Chilocorus includes some of the ladybugs, and there are at least 4 species in this genus with different numbers of chromosomes. These numbers are around 20 pairs, but the more interesting answer is that they vary.

Why do you think it’s important to have scientific names?

Thanks for asking,

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