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I am growing plants in 3 boxes with a light source cut in different areas. Trying to find out if light direction affects its growth. What kind of plants are the fastest to grow ? I am trying sweet peas. Would that work ? Thank you !
Question Date: 2012-12-10
Answer 1:

I like your experiment. Sweet peas are a good plant. Sunflowers and nasturtiums are some of the suggestions at this site:

r edwoodbarn

Here's another site that also lists sunflowers:

growing garden

Here's a site that lists grass seeds, which was my first thought:

growing seeds

You can buy a couple packages of seeds, or more, and plant them all, and see what you get. You might want to also grow the seeds outdoors, or just by a window, to compare their growth with the growth in your special lighting conditions.

Keep asking questions!

Best wishes,

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