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1) Have you ever done an experiment where you test the dissolve time of different pain relievers?
2) What are your learning credentials?
3) For my experiment, I am testing the dissolve time of: acetaminophen gel capsules, acetaminophen coated tablets, and non-coated tablets. What other types of pain relievers would you use for this experiment?
4) What is your prediction of conclusion for this experiment?
Question Date: 2012-12-30
Answer 1:

No, I have never tried this kind of experiment. You can also try Ibuprofen and Aspirin

I think that you are going to find the the dissolving time for each kind of pain reliever is going to be different. Try your experiment and find out your answers, it will be fun!

I am a Biomedical Engineer with a Ph. D in Engineering and Monitoring Systems.

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