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What is the density of ethanol? And how many types of methods are there to disolve ethyl alcohol?
Question Date: 2013-01-02
Answer 1:

The density of liquid ethanol is 0.789 grams per cubic centimeter.

Ethanol dissolves readily in both polar solvents (e.g. water) and in nonpolar solvents (e.g. gasoline).

Answer 2:

Ethanol's density is 0.785 g/mL (water has a density of 1.00 g/mL). Since ethanol is a polar solvent (meaning that the oxygen pulls some electron density toward it), you can dissolve some volume of it in water before making two distinct layers, methanol is easier to dissolve since it has one less hydrocarbon. I would need more information on what you would dissolve ethanol in to figure out the types of methods though.

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