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Hi I was wondering if you could help me answer the following questions for my science project about how preferences bias our choices:\r\n1: can color preferences have biological origins?\r\n2: could preferences made by different stimulation of neurons in the visual cortex affect other brain functions like our behavior?\r\n3: if i tell the test subject that they need to pick out 20 m&ms as fast as possible do you think it would affect the colors they choose compared to if i just told them to pick whichever 20 m&ms they like (and not tell them to go fast)\r\n4: How is the visual part of you brain connected to the area that controls your hand coordination\r\n5: what other factors might affect the colors a person chooses out of a bowl of m&ms
Question Date: 2013-01-17
Answer 1:

There is interesting information for your project's questions on the link below:
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