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What is the most delicate animal?
Question Date: 2013-02-11
Answer 1:

Many of the animals in the world are delicate in many different ways. Butterflies and winged animals are delicate because damage to their delicate wings causes them to lose their ability to fly which they need to live. Other animals are delicate in the sense that they only exist in a very small area and humans may negatively affect that area. For example, the Hawaiian monk seal, which only exists on two different islands in Hawaii, is facing near extinction as the seal´s habitat has been disrupted by human activities. Some other animals are very delicate in terms of environmental changes. Some corals, which are a combination of an animal and plant, are very sensitive to even small changes in sea temperature, salinity, and acidity. Climate change therefore poses a very major threat to these corals as all of these things are expected to change and the delicate nature of the coral may make it impossible to survive in a changed environment. All of nature exists in a kind of delicate balance; everything in the system depends on the other things. Studying how this system works and how disrupting the balance of the system will affect all other things in the system is called the study of Ecology. And it´s what I study and maybe you can one day too!

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