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Did Mars ever have life on it and was there water once?
Question Date: 2013-02-14
Answer 1:

Interesting question! I’m afraid that I can’t answer the first part of the question– if Mars ever had life on it, in fact, I don’t think that anyone in the world can answer that question yet. NASA has a rover (sort of a little car with science tools) called Curiosity on the surface of Mars right now. One of the big parts of the Curiosity mission is look for signs of life on Mars, but not all of the results have come in just yet. You should check out the NASA website on the rover

click here to see – it’s very interesting!

Many people think that is possible that Mars had life at one time because it had liquid water at the surface in the past (liquid water is necessary for “life” as we understand it on Earth). That brings me to the next part of your question…

Mars doesn’t have liquid water at its surface today (because it is too cold and the pressure is too low), but it almost certainly did in the past. We know this because there are certain landscape features on Mars’ surface that can only form from liquid water. For example, there are channels or valleys that get carved out by flowing water in rivers and streams. The water is all gone but the valleys are still there.

Answer 2:

There is water there now, underground, and there was liquid water on the surface in the past. So far we still don't know if there ever was life there or not.

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