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Why do we have to stay on Earth and never inside it?
Question Date: 2013-02-14
Answer 1:

That is a very interesting question! There are many reasons that we need to live on the surface of the Earth and not inside it. One reason is that humans have evolved to breath the exact mixture of gas that is in our atmosphere (mostly nitrogen and oxygen). Plants create the oxygen that we breathe, and they can only do this at the surface of the Earth where they get plenty of sunlight. Humans also need sunlight to produce vitamin D, an essential nutrient.

Another reason that we can’t live deep inside the Earth is that the pressure and temperature get very high deep underground. The pressure increases because of the weight of all of the rock above. Humans would get crushed by the pressure if they went too deep. The Earth also gets very hot deep down. The rocks would be over 550 Fahrenheit if you dug down 10 miles. That’s way too hot for humans to live!

Answer 2:

The interior of the Earth is hot. Volcanoes are places on the surface where the heat gets out. Life cannot survive those temperatures.

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