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Hello there,
I am a masters graduate in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I would be much grateful if you could lead me to an online dictionary in evolution expressions or even Biology, as I am developing lectures in the Origin of Life. Sophia
Question Date: 2013-02-17
Answer 1:

I am doing research about the origin of life, and I think there's a good possibility that life started in the spaces between sheets of mica. I have 2 scientific articles about this. One is in the Journal of Theoretical Biology in 2010, and you can send me an email to get a copy. The other is in the Journal of Biological Structure and Dynamics in 2012. It's free online at the Journal's website, or I can email it to you.

I have hundreds of articles by other people about the origin of life, and it's hard to pick out just a few. My suggestion is to read the ones in Scientific American. Here are the Scientific American articles I'm recommending, from google scholar:

Origin of life on earth
A RicARdo, JW Szostak - Scientific American, 2009 - nature.com

Every living cell, even the simplest bacterium, teems with molecular contraptions that would be the envy of any nanotechnologist. As they incessantly shake or spin or crawl around the cell, these machines cut, paste and copy genetic molecules, shuttle nutrients around or turn ...

EXPANDING the Limits of Life
AS Bradley - Scientific American, 2009 - nature.com

... Origin Of Life. ... Compounds that can readily donate electrons to other compounds are described somewhat confusingly as "chemically reduced." Scientists have long suspected that reduced gases played an important role in the origin of life on Earth. ...

A simpler origin for life
R Shapiro - Scientific American Magazine, 2007 - sciamdigital.com

... Later, researchers turned to other possible molecules as the earliest replicator, but I and others think that this replicator-first model of the origin of life is fundamentally flawed. We prefer an alter- native idea that seems much more plausible. ... Overview/Origin of Life ...

Primordial Soup's On: Scientists Repeat Evolution's Most Famous Experiment
D Fox - Scientific American, 2007 - mistersyracuse.com

... Their results could change the way we imagine life arose on early Earth. By Douglas Fox. A Frankensteinesque contraption of glass bulbs and crackling electrodes has produced yet another revelation about the origin of life.
The ... Life's rocky start(role of minerals in biogenesis)

RM Hazen - Scientific American, 2001 - csa.com

Life's rocky start(role of minerals in biogenesis).
Robert M Hazen Scientific American 284:44, 76-85, 4/2001.

New experiments are reviewed which suggest that minerals could have played major roles in the origin of life on Earth. ...

The origin of life on earth
LE Orgel - Scientific American, 1994 - csa.com

The body of evidence regarding the formation of living organisms on Earth is reviewed, and it is suggested that catalytic RNA played an important role in life formation. The shared properties of living organisms are listed, and RNA research is discussed. Particular ...

Good luck! The origin of life is one of the big unanswered questions in science!

Answer 2:

A very good website to use for many terms concerning evolution would be the Berkeley Museum of Paleontology website. Their URL is here:


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