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Which animal lives the longest?
Question Date: 2013-02-22
Answer 1:

Wikipedia has a list of the longest-living animals here:
long liveing organisms
in its article, "List of long-living organisms"

Jellyfish, sponge, and shark are the top 3 on this list.

Answer 2:

That´s a great question. Many animals are much longer-lived than ourselves, including: black coral (over 4000 years), several species of marine sponges (over 1000 years), some Koi fish (over 200 years), and certain tortoise species (over 200 years), among others. The longest (potentially) living animal I know of is the Turritopsis nutricula, a biologically- immortal jellyfish. Turritopsis nutricula is a jellyfish who can revert to the polyp (immature) stage after becoming sexually mature through a process called cell transdifferentiation, which allows it to live indefinitely. This is the only known case of an animal capable of doing this. However, these jellyfish are still affected by predators, especially in their immature planktonic form, so most likely, the majority of individuals die, even if not due to biological aging.

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