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What is Gold used for?
Question Date: 2013-02-27
Answer 1:

Gold has a variety of uses, including applications in jewelry, finance, computers, dentistry, electronics, and medicine. Gold is used as a conductor in computers and other electronic devices because it is an efficient conductor of low voltages and does not corrode easily. It has historically been used as a filling material for cavities in the dental industry. It also has been found to have some applications in medicine for the treatment of various kinds of arthritis, cancer; and is used in many medical devices as well.

Answer 2:

Gold is valuable because it is resistant to chemical damage (such as corrosion or oxidation), soft, and both electrically and thermally conductive. Because it is soft, it can be made into a variety of shapes, or spun into wire. This is important for making dental implants, or for making electrical wiring.

Answer 3:

Gold is useful in electronics: like copper and silver, gold is an outstanding conductor of electricity, but unlike copper or silver, gold never tarnishes, making it ideal to use in environments where corrosion is a problem. Gold is also used to coat other metals in order to protect them from corrosion.

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