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Does the sun grow or does it stay how it is right know?
Question Date: 2013-03-15
Answer 1:

The sun will pretty much stay like it is now for the next 4 billion years. Maybe it will get a little brighter, but after about 4 billion years from now, the sun will swell up and become a red giant star. Eventually the sun will run out of fuel and settle down to become a TINY white dwarf star.

Answer 2:

The sun is growing, very, very, slowly. This is because the sun is slowly using up its supply of hydrogen fuel in its core, and as this happens the outer layers start burning their hydrogen, which puffs them out.

The sun will not grow to the point where life on Earth becomes impossible for about a billion years yet. By that time, we should have found plenty of other stars and planets to colonize.

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