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If I dug a hole through the earth I would be digging down. What would happen after I passed the center. Would I be digging up? And how could I do it without burying myself somewhere between the center of the earth and the other side? (I understand that this is just a theoretical question)
Question Date: 2013-03-02
Answer 1:

That is exactly right! When we say “down” we really mean toward the center of the earth, because the Earth is round. So if you are sitting at the center of the Earth, every direction is “up!”

Answer 2:

Yes, you would be digging "up", if we say that up is the direction away from the center.

You would have to pile the dirt, rock, and magma that you dug out of the way onto the surface, or you would be buried. You'd basically be creating a giant anthill.

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