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How many people will have a marine biology job in the future?
Question Date: 2013-03-19
Answer 1:

While it is very hard to determine how many jobs there will be for marine biologists in the future, from my understanding the current job market is very competitive. Many people are getting degrees in marine biology but there aren’t that many job openings. You can get jobs with the government, in academia, or with private companies. The more education you get the better your chances of getting a good job are. You probably want to get your college degree in biology and then get a Master’s or Ph. D in marine biology to improve your chances of getting a good job. Follow your interests, and if marine biology is what you are passionate about, study it!

Good luck to you in your future studies!

Answer 2:

That depends. Most marine biological research is paid for directly or indirectly by the government, and the the amount of money that the government has to spend or is willing to spend on marine biology is subject to change, and may change unpredictably.

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