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1) In Ultramarin, Lapiz Lazuli, can there be traces found of Baryte(Barium)?

2) In smalt (ground blue glass), can there be traces found of Baryte(Barium)?

3) Why does the paint or color iron gallus ink fade after the years. Because of oxidation of the iron, which would make it brown?

Many thanks
Question Date: 2013-04-11
Answer 1:

Ultramarin contains sodium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen, and small amounts of sulfur - no barium. Lazurite, the main constituent of lapiz lazuli, is made of the same elements. None of the other common minerals in lapiz lazuli are barium ores either, although like any rock type lapiz lazuli could contain small quantities of minerals that are, as well as trace amounts of barium within the chemical structure of the minerals that it is made out of.

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