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Why do elephants cry and get emotional and also why do poachers kill elephants when elephants did not even do anything to them, they are just trying to live a good life?
Question Date: 2013-04-19
Answer 1:

This is a great question and I wish I had an answer for you. Elephants are beautiful, smart animals and I wish they were safe everywhere they lived. But unfortunately, in certain places where elephants are killed by poachers there is not really anyone to blame. Some of the places where elephants are poached are also some of the poorest areas in the world. Not all, but some, poachers may wish they could be doing something else but they might have a family to feed and out of desperation they may be driven to kill elephants to make money. It is a terrible reality, but rather than blaming the poachers it may be a better approach to think about how we can help those poachers live a good life and feed their families without harming the elephants.

Maybe we can develop an eco tourism industry to take people on elephant safaris so people will pay to see the elephants alive rather than pay for them dead. It´s easier said than done but anything´s possible!

Answer 2:

Elephants have emotions just as we do. They may feel them in different amounts - again, as different people do, but more so


Poachers hunt elephants for a variety of reasons, but most commonly for their ivory, which can be sold on the black market. They are motivated by greed.

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