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Hello my question for you guys is how this website came to be and how you help kids on their science fair projects and etc... like me! Have a nice day and get back to me soon!
Question Date: 2013-05-08
Answer 1:

Thank you for your question. The ScienceLine web site started around 1997. We help kids and teachers by answering the Science questions that all of you send to our site. The people who write the answers are volunteer scientists that love to share their knowledge. We do our best to help you to understand the beauty of Science, so we like to get questions that are interesting for you in order to learn.

We can not help on Science projects, but we can help with your questions related to the Science on your research and development of that project.

ScienceLine is a serious project where all the people working to make it happen are committed to help our young students on their educational process.

If you need help, please do not hesitate to send your questions.

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