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If I am going to grow plants exposed to different types of light, which will be my independent variable, and which will be my dependent one?
Question Date: 2013-05-13
Answer 1:

I don't usually think about that question when doing experiments, but Wikipedia says the dependent variable is the one that is being tested.

dependent and independent variables

You're testing plant growth, so that's the dependent variable. You're changing the type of light, so that's the independent variable.

Wikipedia has a nice paragraph about that, for an experiment about whether fertilizer helps plants grow.

Effect of fertilizer on plant growth
In a study measuring the influence of different quantities of fertilizer on plant growth, the independent variable would be the amount of fertilizer used. The dependent variable would be the growth in height or mass of the plant. The controlled variables would be the type of plant, the type of fertilizer, the amount of sunlight the plant gets, the size of the pots, etc.

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