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Are there any organisms which can regenerate their entire bodies from a central section, or from one limb?
Question Date: 2013-06-06
Answer 1:

I do not know of any animal that can regenerate the majority of its body. There are animals that can regenerate their limbs such as salamanders and there are animals that will regenerate their tails such as in salamanders and lizards.

Sponges, which are very simple animals, will re-aggregate if after you put them into a blender and cut them up. This is a kind of a form of regenerations but the cells are not re-growing, they are just re-forming into a functioning complete sponge.

Answer 2:

Most plants can (almost plants that aren't trees, in fact, and even some trees), and a few animals (starfish leap to mind) can as well, but not many.

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