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I am an Iranian girl . I need your help . I study Cell and Molecular Biology and I want to write an article a bout Sponges Power restored. I need some resources and your input, but my English is not very good. Please help me.
Question Date: 2013-08-16
Answer 1:

I think you asking about the ability of the ocean animals known as sponges to re-grow. Sponges are animals who live in the ocean. Sponge bodies are full of pores (tiny holes) which allows ocean water to circulate through them, which provides the sponge with microscopic food and oxygen, while removing waste. Sponges do not have many specialized organs (like a stomach or brain, which humans have). They do have cells that are able to move around the sponge body and change into specialized forms to do a particular function when necessary. In this way, sponges have the power to restore parts of their body that have been damaged or broken off - they can re-grow new pieces of themselves! Amazingly, sponges can completely re-grow into an adult from pieces of themselves or even single cells in the right conditions.

If you have any more questions, please write again!

Seeta Sistla

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