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Which gases are there on Mars?
Question Date: 2013-09-09
Answer 1:

The Martian atmosphere has the following gases:
96% carbon dioxide
2% argon
2% nitrogen

For comparison, the Earth's atmosphere is:
78% nitrogen
21% oxygen
1% argon

You might notice there's not a lot of oxygen on Mars, which would make life difficult for humans. However, there are many things that can live without oxygen, and you might imagine that Mars would be really good for plants! In fact, people have imagined transforming the atmosphere of Mars into something that is much more like the Earth.

Answer 2:

Thank you for your question!
Mars has a lot of different gases in its atmosphere. Its atmosphere is about 95.32% Carbon Dioxide, 2.7% Nitrogen, and 1.6% Argon, 0.13% Oxygen, 0.07% Carbon Monoxide, 0.03% Water vapor, 0.0013% Nitric Oxide, and some trace gases (krypton, methane, etc.) Different sources have different numbers, but they're around the same amount.

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