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Do people have better visual or auditory memory?
Question Date: 2013-10-09
Answer 1:

There's a great response to this question courtesty of a past submission to UCSB's Scienceline. You can find it here:


Alternatively, you can test your own visual or auditory short term memory in a cool game called "Dual N-Back". It's a kind of variation on the "Simon" game simon game only it tests auditory and visual memory at the same time, but not linked together. You can download a version of the game here: download simon The basic premise of the game is that squares light up on a tic tac toe grid and letters are spoken at the same time.

You need to remember whether the letter said or the square lighted or both during the last time is the same as the current one said or lighted or both. You can make the game harder by checking if the square/letter is the same from 2 times ago, 3 times ago, or N times ago where N is any number.

Have fun,

Answer 2:

Thanks for the question!

I believe that it varies from person to person. Some people have better visual memories and some people have better auditory memories, that's why sometimes you may hear the phrase "a better visual learner" or something similar to that. This may not answer your question, but I thought this was really cool and maybe you will too...the strongest form of memory comes from smells! This is because the part of your body that smells is closely related to the part of the brain with memories and emotion.

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