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Do sea turtles have teeth?
Question Date: 2014-05-16
Answer 1:

No, not in the normal understanding of teeth. (Teeth are not actually made of bone, but layers of hard tissue.) Sea turtles have beaks. (Beaks are made of bone, covered by a hard tissue.) However, the inside is covered with spiny ridges that function similarly to teeth. You can see them on the next link

click here . Pretty frightening, actually.

Answer 2:

Sea turtles do not have teeth. However, if you type "leatherback sea turtle mouth" into google images (with your parents' permission of course!), you'll probably find some very intimidating pictures of sea turtles with many inward pointing spines. These are not technically teeth, but instead are composed of cartilage.

Answer 3:

Sea turtles do not have teeth, nor do ANY turtles for that matter. Living birds are another group back-boned animals that lack teeth, although early fossil birds still had them.

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