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Is it safe to eat snow or drink it melt?
Question Date: 2014-09-09
Answer 1:

Some snow is safe to eat or drink. But a lot of snow has dirt or bacteria or other things in and on it. The snow by the street where I lived in Virginia was very dirty, and when I dried it out in a sandwich baggie, there was a lot of dirt left in the baggie. I've also seen pink snow, and I've seen pink color in toilets and bathtubs that I think is due to microbes of some sort. Google says pink snow has algae in it - Chamydomonas nivalis. Scientific American says you can get sick from eating pink snow - but not from playing in it!

When I first went backpacking in 1968, we drank water from streams. Now we don't drink water from streams without purifying it first.

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