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How fast do meteors travel? How far is Mars from Earth, and how fast can we get there?
Question Date: 2015-05-06
Answer 1:

According to the American Meteor Society, meteors can travel 11 - 72 km/sec (25,000 - 160,000 mph). Mars is about 225,300,000 km away. This is equivalent to about 12.5 light minutes away. This means that it takes 12.5 minutes for light that is emitted on Earth to be seen on Mars or vice versa.

Rockets travel much slower than the speed of light, though. When the orbits of Earth and Mars are aligned such that the distance between the two planets is the smallest, it still takes 6-8 months for spacecraft to travel this impressive distance. It we could travel as fast as the fastest meteors, we would make the trip in a little more than a month (225,300,000 km)/(72 km/sec) equals about 3,130,000 seconds, which is about 1.2 months!

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