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If stingrays like warm water which we had in Ventura a month ago, where do they go now that the water is like 55F, cold!? I know they liked the water because I got stung by one.
Question Date: 2015-05-04
Answer 1:

Some sea animals migrate. They could go South. Or they could just change their behavior. Different animals behave differently in different temperatures.

Stingrays migrate long distances, and can be found as far south as the Caribbean and as far north as New England click here for a nice picture and more information .

The pelagic stingray likes water temperatures above 19 °C (66 °F), and will die if the temperature drops to 15 °C (59 °F); it also performs seasonal migrations following warm water masses. In the northwestern Atlantic, it is found in or near the Gulf Stream Gulf Stream from December to April, and moves north of the Stream to gather near the continental shelf continental shelf from July to September.

Reference to read more:
Pelagic stingray

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