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How did off shore oil-drilling get started in Santa Barbara? How is off shore oil-drilling helping the people living in Santa Barbara? Does the oil-drilling off shore go to the people living in Santa Barbara for gasoline or do they send oil over to the factories for human industries? How can my partner, Oscar, and I help with the scientists or people on the aspect of oil-drilling?
Question Date: 2015-05-07
Answer 1:

Drilling started in the 1950's and 1960's because it was determined that the sedimentary rocks at depth contain hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons can be pumped out and refined and sold for a lot of money. This oil does not stay in the region...it goes where ever the profit can be maximized. The county of Santa Barbara does derive some tax benefits because the land is part of Santa Barbara.

Answer 2:

Oil drilling in the Santa Barbara channel is a business. It got started because the oil companies can make money by selling the oil that they drill. It helps people because oil is valuable, so adding more oil to society means more fuel for people to have. It probably doesn't help the people living in Santa Barbara more than anywhere else in America, though, because the oil is taken elsewhere to be refined and sold. The only exception would be jobs for the oil workers on the platforms.

Answer 3:

How can my partner, Oscar, and I help with the scientists or people on the aspect of oil-drilling?

This questions does not have an easy answer. I think that the best way a young student can help scientists is by being informed about things that happen in our community. It is also important to understand why those things happen, if they benefit or not the community or any other people involved. We all have responsibilities to share in any community; for young students it is important to learn well the Science behind everything that happens, to understand it, and then, when the right time comes, to take action for the benefit of all of us. ALL of us, not only privileged groups.

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