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What is the closest planet to Saturn and how far away is it?
Question Date: 2015-05-13
Answer 1:

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closest planet to Saturn

The closest planet to Saturn depends on where Saturn is in its orbit, and the position of the other planets. The planets in our solar system are constantly orbiting around our sun. Each planet has its own speed of rotation, some head around the sun very fast and some are quite slow.

The distance between the planets is based on the position they are within their orbit. For the majority of its orbit, the closest planet to Saturn is Jupiter. When the two planets are lined up perfectly, say: Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, the two planets are separated by only 655 million km.

When the planets are on opposite sides of the Sun (Jupiter – Sun – Saturn), they’re separated by 2.21 billion km, and all of the inner planets are closer to Saturn than Jupiter.

Uranus sometimes gets closer to Saturn than Jupiter. At their closest, Uranus and Saturn can be 1.43 billion km apart.

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