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Did dinosaur and people ever exist on earth at the same time? And if not does that mean the Bible is wrong since it says man earth and beast were made basically at the same time (7 days)? I basically believe in the evolution theory, but then where did humans come from?
Question Date: 2015-09-19
Answer 1:

Religions and science have different ways of looking at the world. Science can’t say whether a religious belief is right or wrong.

According to scientific evidence, dinosaurs died out many millions of years before humans evolved.

Different religions have many different ways to explain where humans came from. Some of those explanations come from the Bible. Some people who believe the story in the Bible believe that God created everything in 6 regular Earth days and that no new species were ever added. Some people believe that God created things, but that God’s days are not the same as ours. Some people believe that God created the laws of the universe, but then let the universe follow those laws. Science can’t say that one religion’s story is right or wrong or better than anyone else’s story.

Talking to your family would be a good way to find out what they believe and why.

The scientific story about where humans came from is that all living things, including us, evolved from other living things. We did not evolve from monkeys, or chimps, or anything else that is still around, but we evolved from the same ancestor. The scientific evidence for this is found in things like fossils, DNA, and how living things are the same or different. If you’re lucky, you will learn a lot more about evolution in your science classes later on.

What do you believe about where humans came from? What kind of evidence is important to you?

Thanks for asking,

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