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How do chemists play a role in the medical field? What kind of research do chemists do that has an impact on the life of an everyday person (besides studying chemical reactivity,and discovering and creating new laboratory elements that many people do not ever hear or know about anyway)?
Question Date: 2004-02-05
Answer 1:

Chemists have many roles in the medical field.

I can tell you a little bit about about some work I'm doing with doctors on new therapies for prostate cancer. We are trying to improve how radioactive metals are delivered to b>prostate cancer cells using novel molecules. Synthetic chemists are involved in creating new molecules to bind the radioactive metals.

I'm a computational chemist and the doctors will ask me to do calculations on molecules to see if they might have certain properties that maybe useful to them. Chemists and biochemists also test these novel molecules in test tubes and eventually in animals.

I should also mention that chemist Paul C. Lauterbur recently won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in magnetic resonance imaging.

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