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Is the Bermuda Triangle a portal?
Question Date: 2016-03-13
Answer 1:

The Bermuda Triangle is the subject of many stories about lost ships and planes. It gained a reputation and many writers (including fiction writers) have probably exaggerated its mysteriousness.

Some researchers have examined the evidence including the eyewitness accounts and weather conditions during the reported disappearances, and they have not found anything very special about the area. Disappearances happen in ocean waters all over the globe and can seem mysterious, but often, the ship or its wreckage eventually turn up. That includes many of the cases of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle as well. Some reasons to explain the disappearances/wrecks include weather, the mistakes of navigators, and the presence of the Gulf Stream current, which may carry a ship or boat off course.

The evidence about the disappearances does not support the idea that there is a portal in the Bermuda Triangle (or anywhere else on the globe).

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