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I want to learn how snails lay eggs and what is the temperature they need, so my snail Neille can lay eggs too.
Question Date: 2016-03-21
Answer 1:

Most snails that live on the land will lay eggs at a normal room temperature, 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, most land snails are capable of laying eggs even if you only have one snail! So feeding Neille along with giving her a comfortable home is probably enough to get her to lay eggs.

If your snail lives in under water, you might need to get another snail for Neille. One last thing, snail eggs can be TINY, so Neille may have already laid eggs that are hard to see. Look carefully for a small clump of eggs in Neille’s tank maybe on the food or on the side of rocks, they will probably look like a little piece of slime!

Answer 2:

Different kinds of snails need different conditions, and without knowing what kind of snail Neille is I can't help you. I can tell you that Neille probably needs a mate in order to lay eggs

Answer 3:

There are two main types that are kept as pets, land snails and freshwater snails. These different types of snails require different temperatures to lay eggs. In general, keep your tank at or above room temperature (75°F or 24°C) but out of direct sunlight. For both types, water is most important for egg laying.

Land snails need moist soil and leaves to hide their eggs under. Use a spray bottle to mist their terrarium once every few days. Freshwater snails lay their eggs at the edge of ponds so you should provide a shallow pool for your snail. Clear the edge of the pool of leaves and dirt for them to lay eggs on the smooth side of the pool.

Second, how many snails do you have? Most land and freshwater snails are hermaphrodites – this means that both boy and girl snails lay eggs. Some don’t need another snail to fertilize them, but having more than one snail will make it more likely that they lay eggs and that those eggs will hatch more snails.

Third, where are you looking for the eggs? Land snails hide their eggs in dirt or under leaves. Look for large round and translucent eggs, either by themselves or in big clumps. Freshwater snails lay their eggs in the water, where they drift to the edges of the pool in clumps. Their eggs are usually smaller and in clumps.

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