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Hi,I just thought of one reason why ships and aircraft sink in Bermuda triangle. I thought that probably because ships are made up of metals and magnets attract metals, is there the possibility that there are magnets inside the sea that are capable of attracting ships? In that case, I don't know how magnets came there.
Question Date: 0000-00-00
Answer 1:

That's good to be thinking. Magnets don't pull from very far away, so I'm thinking that's probably not what's in the Bermuda triangle.

I read about the Bermuda triangle in Wikipedia, and it looks like the truth is pretty boring.

1. Lots of ships pass through the Bermuda triangle. That means more ships will be lost there than in other places even if the same fraction of ships is lost, because a fraction of a large number is larger than a fraction of a smaller number.

2. Maps and the military don't have the Bermuda triangle on them, because they don't think it's important. Other people don't agree on exactly where the Bermuda triangle is.

3. There seem to have been some hoaxes about the Bermuda triangle - you can read about them in Wikipedia.

So it looks like ships getting lost in the Bermuda triangle is about like Santa Claus coming down your chimney.

Answer 2:

Actually, the Bermuda triangle is no more dangerous to ships or aircraft than any other body of water of similar size. There are dangers to it, but those dangers just aren't anything special beyond what the ocean ordinarily provides. Its reputation is not justified.

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