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How many cells die per minute in an adult male?
Question Date: 2016-11-10
Answer 1:

There are different types of cell death. There is apoptosis, which is a programmed cell death. And then there is premature cell death, which can be cause by numerous factors including infection, damage, etc.

While I am not certain I can answer your question definitively, cells in your body are in constant flux. For example, red blood cells live around 100 days, skin cells last a week, some cells are as old as you are such as your neurons. So you can see the complication of calculating such a rate. Each cell type has its own programmed life span and all cells are not on the same schedule of birth and death. And this doesn't account for random death due to outside factors.

Here are a few more turnover times of other cell types:

Cells lining your stomach - 5 days
Other gastrointestinal cells - 15 years
Adult liver cells -200-300 days

Answer 2:

That’s an interesting question. I’m not a cell biologist, so I looked at how my ScienceLine colleagues answered this in the past. I liked how the first answered shows how we make estimates based on what we know. The second answer goes right to your question.

Which cells do you think die fastest and which ones hang around most or all of your life?

Thanks for asking, read here please
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