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How does the mountain events changes or re-shape the earth's surface?
Question Date: 2016-12-02
Answer 1:

To answer your question, let's talk about what mountain building is. Mountains form where 2 tectonic plates converge -- they move towards each other, collide, and sometimes they thrust upwards to make mountains. This happens VERY slowly. Even the fastest plates move only a few inches each year, but over millions of years, this movement builds up to mountains. So plate margins and mountain events are the creation of mountains where there might have been only flat lands before. Talk about changing the landscape!

Answer 2:

There is nothing in geology called a "mountain event". Mountains form as a result of two processes: (1) faulting, by which rocks slide past each-other, pushing up mountains as a result of rocks bunching up, and (2) volcanic activity, which creates mountains out of the frozen lava that gets expelled from the vent.

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