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If we traveled to the center of the earth, how often could we go?
Question Date: 2017-01-12
Answer 1:

My mom’s name was Isabelle also! A very nice name… it is like music when you say it slowly!

Well, the center of the earth is only 6400 km away! In miles that is around 4000 miles, a little bit further than Los Angeles to New York City, or San Francisco to Washington DC. So, depending on how fast you were going, the time would take different amounts. If you went at 50 mph it would take 80 hours or about 3 and a half days NO STOPPING to buy chips!

In reality however, no one can travel there because it gets hotter as you travel down. The temperature in the center of the earth is around 14,000 degrees Fahrenheit! This is really hot! Your mom's oven goes to 500 degrees Fahrenheit!

The other problem of travelling to Earth's center is that there is too much stuff like rock in the way! So you would have to drill a hole... but the metal of the drill would melt by the time you went only a FEW MILES!

I hope this answers your question.

Answer 2:

If you're going to the Earth's core then grab something to keep you cool because the temperature is going to be over 5000 degrees celsius (9000 fahrenheit)!

A couple years ago a Thai oil rig crew set a record when they were able to drill one mile in a day. If they could keep up that speed then we could get to the center of the Earth in 11 years. Right now it would be really hard to do that. That's because much of our equipment is made out of iron or steel. Unless it's under a lot of pressure, iron at that temperature doesn't just melt, it boils!

But if we made an elevator as fast as an airplane then we could get to the center of the earth in just 6 hours That might be a little fast though. One of the fastest elevators in the world is in a skyscraper in Taiwan. It can go up and down about as fast as a car. If we had one of those it would take us about 4 days to get to the center of the Earth. Because the whole trip would take longer than a week then it would be better to go over summer or winter break, especially if you wanted to relax and enjoy the center a little.

Strangely enough, the hole would probably be at the North or South Pole! That's because the Earth isn't completely round. It's slightly like a pancake from spinning, and it bulges out a bit at the equator. So we wouldn't have to drill as far if we drill from the thinner sides. How often we could go would depend then on how often we can go to the North or South Poles.

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