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Do you think that in the future we would possibly find a planet like Earth and live on it?
Question Date: 2017-08-30
Answer 1:

There is something called the Fermi Paradox, which states that if intelligent life were to travel to and live on other planets, then the universe would become full of intelligent life in an astronomically very short period of time.

Despite this fact, the earth has apparently not been visited by intelligent life from the stars in 3+ billion years. The observation of the Fermi Paradox strongly suggests that colonizing other planets around other stars is impossible, although we do not know what the reasons might be. One possibility is simply that intelligent life is incredibly rare - in which case we *could* travel to other planets around other stars and live on them, but that we would never find any intelligent life that we don't create ourselves.

Answer 2:

Personally I believe we can eventually find a planet like Earth, just because there are so many stars and planets in the universe. But that ideal planet may be extremely far away, so it is unclear whether we can develop the technology to land on it soon enough.

Answer 3:

Some scientists are looking for planets like Earth, but they're so, so far away that I don't think we'll ever get to them. The closest planet that might be sort of like earth is about 12 light-years away, which means it takes 12 years for light to travel from the planet to us - and 12 years for the light to travel back to the planet! We're a lot heavier than light and we travel much, much, much slower!

I think we might make space stations on a planet in our solar system - most likely Mars - at some time in the distant future. To make Mars into a place where we could live, we'd need to 'terraform' it - we'd need to make large areas of Mars into a place where people could live.

Here's a Wikipedia article about that: Terraforming of Mars - Wikipedia read here

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