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Will there ever be a way to create wormholes to different planets or places?
Question Date: 2017-09-14
Answer 1:

Probably not - there is something called Fermi's Paradox which states that if life were capable of traveling between stars, then it would colonize the universe in an astronomically very short period of time and we should see alien visitors to Earth on a regular basis.

Since the aliens aren't here or aren't here in a way that is obvious, it seems likely that interstellar travel is not very practically possible, be it through wormholes, hyperspace, warp drives, or any other means of faster-than-light travel.

That said, there are some other possibilities, but for the moment, most scientists assume that wormholes either don't exist or aren't usable.

Answer 2:

I'm sure you and I will never live to see wormholes like that! I think the answer is "No," but maybe scientists, far far far in the future, will learn enough to do things that are science fiction today.

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