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Why do you like doing this job?
Question Date: 2017-10-30
Answer 1:

We like to do this job a lot. We are a group of scientists who in a volunteer basis love to teach the kids like you. We enjoy teaching Science, because Science is beautiful and because knowing Science helps us to understand the world in which we live; it helps us to live better, too.

It is through Science that doctors can diagnose and cure their patients; it is through Science that Geologists can understand the earth in which we live and realize the dangers that climate change brings to all of us. It is through Science that we explore the universe. Without Science the human race could not reach the point of development that we enjoy nowadays. Unfortunately some people do not want to believe in Science, and they take wrong decisions that will affect all of us one day. Being a scientist is a lot of fun, and working for ScienceLine is rewarding and a great way of being in touch with kids like you.

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