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how do you guys get new people?
Question Date: 2017-10-31
Answer 1:

We get new scientists (people doing research and Science here at the Materials Research Laboratory of the University of California en Santa Barbara, and other universities) just by inviting them to participate in ScienceLine.

Our scientists work in a volunteer basis, and they do it because they love to teach other people, and because they want to spread the beauty of Science .

When we invite scientists to participate, we write their names in a database where we keep their names and their field of expertise. Every time a student like you sends a question to ScienceLine, we look for the scientists in charge of the answers for that week, and we send your question to them. Then they look for the free time they have after doing their research, and they write the answer that you need to know.

The work of these scientists is very noble and we appreciate it very much. They do not receive anything in exchange for their time and effort, but only the satisfaction of teaching you, and you learning from them

As you can see, there are good people in this world who love young students and who want our world to be a better place for all to live.

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