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What job do you guys have and how did you guys know how the sun helps plants grow?
Question Date: 2017-10-31
Answer 1:

We are a group of scientists at the Materials Research Laboratory of the University of California in Santa Barbara.

We work in different fields of Science: Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Mathematics.

We all work in a volunteer basis because we like to teach the students and we want them to learn Science, so they can have a better life.

We know that "the sun helps plants grow" because we made experiments in our laboratories, where we observe the plants grow while they are exposed to the sun light. We use the scientific method in order to get the right information during our research. Everything we find out by this method is measured and tested. This is why Science is the only knowledge we can follow in order to take decisions in different fields, like Medicine, Biology, Geology, Climate Change, Physics, Chemistry, etc.

Try to visit the closest University or Research Center that you have to your school, and find out by yourself the way in which scientists work. If not, just keep in touch with scientists like us, so we can share our knowledge with all of you.

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