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I am doing a science fair project for my honors class and I am boiling water in the sun with a plastic bowl, aluminum foil, a small rock, and a small cup. I am planning that the salt water in the plastic bowl and letting it evaporate, which would allow precipitation to fall into the cup. Would the water inside the cup be fresh, allowing me to drink it? Or not?
Question Date: 2017-12-05
Answer 1:

This sounds like a great idea to test in your experiment! You can do a simple experiment to test this:

Leave a bowl of water and a bowl of salt open to air, and measure the weight before and after a day. Then see if the mass has changed, and why that might be. Equally, when you do your current experiment (taking salt water and evaporating it), try drinking the water to see if it is salty, and that might also tell you something.

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